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At Lean Physique Meals we create bespoke meal plans based on nutrionally sound foundations, our meal plans are freshly prepared by our in-house chef’s and then delivered straight to your door! Lean Physique Meals Derby offers one of the most convenienet ways to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle without giving up the simple delight of eating delicious food.

Imagaine waking up every morning and having exciting meals freshly prepared and ready to eat right at your doorstep! At lean Physique Meals Derby we have a wide range of delicious options for all your dietary needs.

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What We Do

Choose from a variety of flexible and healthy plans to meet your goals


Health food delivered derby

Ideal for those who want to lose weight at a steady rate


healthy weight loss food

Ideal if you wish to maintain your weight or just eat healthier


No Contracts, No Commitment

For those wanting optimum results in gaining muslce mass fast


Personal Trainer Derby

Personal Training tailored to achieve your fitness goals

How It Works

Helping you meet your dietry and fitness goals from only £5 per day

1 - Choose Your Plan

Just select one of our meals plans to achieve you specific health goals, be it weight loss, staying trim or bulking up on muscle.

2 - Get In Touch

Either contact us by phone or e-mail, alternatively fill out our sign up form on the website and we wil contact you to discuss your health and fitness requirements and any allergies or food preferences you have. Your food will be prepared fresh daily to your standards and dietary requirements

3 - Sit Back & Relax

And that’s it! Our meals will then be delivered everyday to your home or work address free of charge in Derby. Enjoy the best tasting meals you never had to cook!


Please fill out your deatils below and we will get back in touch within 24 Hours.


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