Due to time being a premium in todays day and age, with the stresses of work, raising a family, cleaning, paying the bills and simple rigors of everyday life its difficult to have time for anything else. It is more convenient to hit a drive through or order food from a take-away and eat what they have to offer than take the time to shop, prep, cook and clean up, even more so for healthier options. At Lean Physique meals we take that stress off your hands and buy, prepare and cook the food for you.

We use the same basic formula bodybuilders use to determine their own Basal Metabolic Rates (simply put, the calories you need to maintain your current lean muscle mass). From there we determine your specific goals for your gender and body style

Each one of our meals fall into a specific caloric range subject to a certain fitness or health goal. We then supply you with the meal most suited for your goals and deliver them to you prepared fresh daily. We use clean cooking techniques and fresh ingredients. Lean cuts of meat and fish, heart healthy oils, whole grains and brown rice. Healthy choices that are prepared by real chefs and cooks.

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Our Mission

Here at Lean Physique Meals our goal is to give our customers the results that they have always wanted to see!

We believe health is the most important aspect in anybody’s life and this is why at Lean Physique Meals we feel that the most effective way to achieve this is through a healthy calorie controlled diet that helps you reap the rewards of a healthy lifestyle.

No matter what you want to achieve, from losing weight and getting healthy to simply enjoying the convenience of having delicious food delivered right to your doorstep, we have made it our mission to help you.

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The Science behind Lean Physique

Weight loss is far more complex than the simple recommendation to eat less and exercise more. Our customised meal plans are tailored to your lifestyle, food preferences and dietary needs.

We base your consumption on height, current weight, exercise patterns and previous history. The menus we develop and prepare for you are filled with wholesome, natural and organic foods. By incorporating nutritious fruits and vegetables, lean animal and vegetarian proteins, wholesome carbohydrates, and modest amounts of healthy fats, that will improve your health and achieve your goals.